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How to Avoid the Most Common Video Marketing Mistakes?

Video marketing was once thought to be an inexpensive and time-consuming business. But thanks to the advancement in the field of video technology, and smartphones, video marketing has become relatively easier. Digital marketing agency Virginia Beach sees excellent potential in video marketing. In a recent survey, it was reported that over 87 % of internet marketers use video content as a part of their marketing efforts.

Although producing video and marketing it has become cheaper and easier, but it is still to be mastered for better usage. Online marketing agencies providing digital marketing services say that even small mistake while producing or marketing video content can significantly hamper the image of a brand. So, let’s find out some of the most common video marketing mistake and ways to avoid them.

Selling too hard:

Hard selling doesn’t always end well for brands. The key to establishing a long-term bond with customers is to move one step closer at a time. To avoid such error and create a lasting relationship, make teaser videos. Besides being short, they are enticing and most likely to be shared.

 Videos are not part of a campaign

Most often brands get only one chance to influence their consumers positively. It is better not to goof up with this precious chance. But it also doesn’t mean to overfeed the consumers with a lot of data and information in one go. The best way to have the consumers come to you is to leave them intrigues and fill their minds with imaginations. Here, formulating an effective campaign can help you achieve your goal.

Poor title and SEO

Though content plays a crucial part in video marketing, the lead in the title is essential in attracting viewers. To ensure that more and more people view your video content, use an exciting title and add active tags to your video.

Disharmonized content

Marketing visual images are not video marketing. A compelling video is the one which is formed by images, text, and audio. The key to producing memorable video is to keep in mind all the components. Ensure that these components are well placed and are in harmony with each other.

Focus on products, not people

In today’s world, consumers gauge on stories rather than facts.  A brand that sells stories performs well than those who sell facts. Create a story around your existing consumers and how they are have benefited from the products.

Not harnessing the power of video

A well-crafted video has the potential to speak a lot more than content. A small video of just 30 sec can communicate a lot for than 1000 words sales pitch. But to have a powerful effect from your video, ensure that it portrays the right message.

Under-using available social media platforms

Though YouTube is widely used video Sharing platform in the market, it is not the only channel available. By sharing your videos online on other social media channels, brands can increase their SEO ranking. Sharing videos on Facebook give twice the exposure as compared to YouTube or other video sharing sites.…