How to Avoid the Most Common Video Marketing Mistakes?

Video marketing was once thought to be an inexpensive and time-consuming business. But thanks to the advancement in the field of video technology, and smartphones, video marketing has become relatively easier. Digital marketing agency Virginia Beach sees excellent potential in video marketing. In a recent survey, it was reported that over 87 % of internet marketers use video content as a part of their marketing efforts.

Although producing video and marketing it has become cheaper and easier, but it is still to be mastered for better usage. Online marketing agencies providing digital marketing services say that even small mistake while producing or marketing video content can significantly hamper the image of a brand. So, let’s find out some of the most common video marketing mistake and ways to avoid them.

Selling too hard:

Hard selling doesn’t always end well for brands. The key to establishing a long-term bond with customers is to move one step closer at a time. To avoid such error and create a lasting relationship, make teaser videos. Besides being short, they are enticing and most likely to be shared.

 Videos are not part of a campaign

Most often brands get only one chance to influence their consumers positively. It is better not to goof up with this precious chance. But it also doesn’t mean to overfeed the consumers with a lot of data and information in one go. The best way to have the consumers come to you is to leave them intrigues and fill their minds with imaginations. Here, formulating an effective campaign can help you achieve your goal.

Poor title and SEO

Though content plays a crucial part in video marketing, the lead in the title is essential in attracting viewers. To ensure that more and more people view your video content, use an exciting title and add active tags to your video.

Disharmonized content

Marketing visual images are not video marketing. A compelling video is the one which is formed by images, text, and audio. The key to producing memorable video is to keep in mind all the components. Ensure that these components are well placed and are in harmony with each other.

Focus on products, not people

In today’s world, consumers gauge on stories rather than facts.  A brand that sells stories performs well than those who sell facts. Create a story around your existing consumers and how they are have benefited from the products.

Not harnessing the power of video

A well-crafted video has the potential to speak a lot more than content. A small video of just 30 sec can communicate a lot for than 1000 words sales pitch. But to have a powerful effect from your video, ensure that it portrays the right message.

Under-using available social media platforms

Though YouTube is widely used video Sharing platform in the market, it is not the only channel available. By sharing your videos online on other social media channels, brands can increase their SEO ranking. Sharing videos on Facebook give twice the exposure as compared to YouTube or other video sharing sites.

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How Targeting ‘Millennial’ Is Strategic For Any Marketer

Measuring Digital Marketing

With the ever-increasing popularity of social media amongst masses worldwide, brands and businesses all across are leaving behind the traditional medium of marketing and switching to digital marketing. But more so, there is a rapid increase in the millennial generation that has made marketers to adopt strategies to tap this demography and turn them into prospective customers. Since social media and networking channels are their favorite place to catch up on everything trendy, it is imperative for brands to incorporate digital marketing into their marketing efforts.

Here what marketers need to do in order to engage the extremely vocal audience is create a marketing model that caters to their needs and wants well. Once you have established the connection with them, they can, in no time help you establish a strong digital brand presence.

Mastering the Art of Digital Customer Experiences
Customer service and social media promotion aren’t enough if you wish to create an over lasting customer experience. You would require devising a strategic approach to redefine customer experience. By perfectly blending design, content, and support, you can create an impactful digital marketing strategy for millennial. But since this generation is more adaptive to change, they prefer brands that are just like them, always going with the latest trends.

Millennials know everything.
For years, getting into the minds of buyers has been a task for even the top marketers. It is hard to track their preferences, their choices, stimuli that trigger their actions and a lot more. Millennials are super savvy-shoppers. They don’t mind going over various websites to find the best deal. Their buying decision mostly depends upon the reviews received by a particular product, its description, or how easy it is to navigate through the site. More than your claims on the product, they prefer relying on their peer’s opinion. Don’t shy away to employ the tactic of social listening.

Millennials want more than just products
Unlike the old generation, millennials want more than just products. As stated above, a customer’s purchase decision is based on various factors like brand values, message it sends across, emotions and relevance. It would not be incorrect to say that they are capable of igniting social movements. Most marketers have realized this particular trait of a millennial and are using it to make their social media campaign to go viral.

What does Millennial population prefer?
Millennials these days are more interested in watching stories rather than reading. They find interest in brands that are creative storytellers. Since they like visual and audio medium to communicate, they prefer hanging out on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube more. By using videos in your marketing strategy, you can create increased brand awareness.

What’s more? Through visuals, it becomes relatively easy for brands to put the message across the reader. Social media platforms like Instagram, SnapChat also allows easier and quicker story uploading and sharing facilities. That is why strategists at Digital Marketing Agency Virginia Beach are seemingly interested in deploying these social media channels in their digital marketing tactics.

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The Top 3 Digital Marketing Secrets to Launching a Successful Campaign

Digital Marketing

A successful online marketing campaign is reflective of the quality,of work that goes into developing high-quality digital marketing solutions.

Here are some best-practice digital marketing secrets to boost your chances of success in your marketing campaigns.

Quality over quantity:
The common concept behind traditional marketing is all about quantity. Mass media- both print and broadcast- became the primary advertising channels where the more ad material is produced and distributed, the more mileage your marketing campaign gets.However, as coverage expands so do the costs and worse, it was difficult then to gauge the impacts of advertising efforts without entailing separate costs to commission a market survey after the campaigns. It was expensive, tedious and time-consuming.But with the advent of modern digital technology, those back-breaking days are over.

Today, market focus is more on quality than quantity and consumers prefer valuable and interesting content rather than a bombardment of generic ads.They will always look for a reliable and consistent information source that constantly attracts their attention, satisfies their curiosity, and offers innovative solutions to everyday problems.Make every effort to know your consumer. You need to know their online habits, challenges, market behavior, etc. Knowing your audience gives you the ability to know which areas to target and what you have to offer.

You need to provide value for consumers. The brand you create should draw attention towards your content and eventually your product. You need to nurture your audience by feeding them continually with interesting and valuable information.Your advertising ideas must be flexible for use with different media platforms. The difference between platforms may not be huge, but each one has its unique characteristics and one method may not necessarily blend well with another. Analyze consumer behavior and habits on those platforms so you may be able to know how to approach it.

Stand out from the rest:
According to the AdReaction report conducted by advertising agency MillwardBrown, indicated that 43% of Internet users consider digital ads a nuisance and people are always taking steps to install ad blocker software to counter it.One common reason raised by respondents to the study is that they find no relevance that addresses their need when going online.  It is ideal to develop quality content that is consistent, compelling and interesting to your target audience. Make it contextually appropriate in order to be effective and fulfill its purpose.

Avoid anecdotal conclusions, but focus on evidence-based performance:
There’s no other option but to analyze, reevaluate, and adjust your marketing campaign strategies based on performance. Success is always tracked, measured and supported by data.It is always important to focus on performance metrics in order to grow your business.
There are a lot of data analytics tools and business intelligence software to enhance your digital marketing campaign.With digital technology always coming up with more innovative applications and data resources,
digital marketing companies in Virginia and anywhere in the US are provided with the best available tools to deliver successful marketing campaigns for their clients.

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